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Sun, Mar 21, 2021 2:12 AM

Lightroom Classic: Doesn't correctly import a rotated JPEG after editing in Photoshop

After editing a rotated JPEG in Photoshop with Edit A Copy, LR doesn't correctly import the edited copy. When you take the edited copy into Develop, it is missing its Photoshop edits and incorrectly rotated.

Two workarounds:

1. After saving the file in Photoshop and returning to LR, do Metadata > Read Metadata From File.

2. Use Edit A Copy With Lightroom Adjustments instead of Edit A Copy.

To reproduce:

1. Import a JPEG that doesn't have in-camera rotation applied.

2. Do Photo > Rotate Right.

3. Do Photo > Edit In Photoshop  > Edit A Copy.

4. In Photoshop, put distinctive brush marks on the photo and save it.

5. In LR Grid view, note that the edited thumbnail is marked with the Conflict Detected badge.

6. Take the edited photo into Develop.  Observe that it is incorrectly rotated and squashed and is missing the brush strokes added in Photoshop:

7. In Grid view, do Metadata > Read Metadata From File.

8. Take the edited photo back into Develop, and observe that it now appears correctly.

Tested in LR 10.2 / Mac OS 10.15.7.


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