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Mon, Jun 3, 2019 1:11 AM

Lightroom Classic: DNG files fail to sync

I have a problem syncing LR Classic with LR for iPad. Although not an unheard of issue, I narrowed to some DNG files that are big and with heavy editing, sometimes edited in photoshop. The originally raw files have no problems, but after creating HDRs or Pano HDRs, the new DNG file will not sync.Even worst, the file in question will still show as a sync error also after I removed it from the synced collection.


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2 y ago

First if a RAW file, dng or some other Digital Negative type (RAW) file, is edited in Photoshop then a copy is made that is no longer any kind of RAW file. PS does not edit or save RAW files. It must be converted into a PSD, TIFF or JPG file at the time of saving it the first time.

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2 y ago

Just a note - those Tiffs/PSDs can be quite large and take a much longer time to sync.