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Tue, Aug 14, 2018 2:43 PM

Lightroom Classic: Detailed Slider and 1440x1080 video export

I am currently reviewing multiple collections which are composed mostly of old negatives and prints and normal and super 8 footage. I chose Lightroom to create a catalogue cos that is obviously the best option I have. 

Since Lightroom supports video I also import the video materials in the collections (for tagging and organising) however :

1. Since normal and super 8 are square formats (1440x1080) when export trimmed clips  I am only left with the 16:9 formats ending up with a black box which then I have to resize in media encoder) when outputting in DPX format. H264 gives the ability of Max 1280x720 which is a lossy format.

2. The slider when clicking on the settings icon in the preview of the movies is an excellent tool to pull out stills from the footage, however, the way I can scrub through the footage is very basic and I wonder if it could be similar to premiere.



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