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Fri, Apr 20, 2018 10:49 PM


Lightroom Classic: Detach Copy/Paste Buttons in Develop

Hi guys. LR CC Classic on Win7Pro. I'd like to detach the Copy/Paste buttons on the lower left of the screen in Display Module. To give me room when editing, I'd like to hide the left pane, but I still use the two buttons. Is there a way to either detach or move to a part of the LR desktop so I can still access it with the left pane rolled up?




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3 years ago

Use the keyboard shortcut? Shift+CTRL+C to bring up copy settings dialog and Shift+CTRL+V to paste settings. See the command under the Settings menu.

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How about a UI update for the Copy Settings window? I can't tell you how many folks get confused by the options since they're out of order and don't use the same names as their panel counterparts. 

Here's a quick mockup i made back in 2011...

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3 years ago

There us no way to modify the panel in Lightroom to do what you are asking.  Simon's keyboard shortcut is the way to go. 
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