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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 10:27 PM


Lightroom Classic: Delete from disk - safety feature

Been using LR / LRC for years, sudden'y by accident this evening I lost a days work due to being in Library mode and I went to delete one image and deleted the entire set.

THere was only the one warning DELETE FROM DISC that I clicked instictively as one does then to my horror see the set vanish.

There should be a back button, undelete, cntrl Z, or at least some was to recover these photos until at least the program is shut down but the edit data should have been deleted ALONG SIDE the photos in case they need to be recovered again.

I am quite angry that this has happened. It shouldn't be that easy the just delete an entire edited set of images without any failsafes and should be alittle more then just the click of a DELETE FORM DISC button....


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7 d ago

Unfortunate but easy to reverse, just restore from the Recycle Bin (Windows), Trash Can (Mac). I've made this mistake on Windows several times. 



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4 d ago


I does give a number but this VERY destructive operation could be easily made clearer.