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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 2:23 AM


Lightroom Classic: Delete from disk on develop collection

I hate having to go to the library tab and then to "All photographs" to delete a photo from my system. I do lots of plugins and they reimport to lightroom and sometimes I don't like a photo, so I want to delete it from my disk right there in the develop module in my collection


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a month ago

At least on windows, in the develop module; right click on a photo, choose remove and then choose to either just remove it from the Lightroom catalog or delete it from the disk as well. I've been doing it for years. 

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a month ago

If you are in a collection in Library module you can delete a photo with Command + Option + Shift  + Delete (Mac) | Control + Alt + Shift + Delete/Backspace (Win). So you will just have to switch in library if you are in development

My advice is not to delete photos directly but to mark them as rejected. And after, once in a while, you delete the rejected photos (in menu photo)