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Sun, Apr 29, 2018 3:59 PM

Lightroom Classic: Ctrl-S / Save metadata to file command inconsistencies


Since version 1 or 2 of LR, there's something very weird in the UI that I have never understood. This has already been commented but I still can't find any rational explanation about it.

I'm working with a dual monitor configuration. Let's assume that I'm working in Grid View mode on the secondary display and in Loupe View mode on the primary display. I have edited multiple images. Therefore, all edited images have the small down arrow in the upper right corner of their vignette. Now, I select all these edited images and hit Ctrl-S in order to save the metadata to the XMP file.

In Develop mode, the metadata are saved for all images.
In Library mode, only the metadata of the "most selected" image are saved.

Now if I switch to library mode + grid mode on the primary display, the metadata of all selected images are saved when I hit Ctrl-S.

If anyone find this behavior consistent, then please explain.



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3 years ago

In the Library module, any action you take when in Loupe view is taken only for the image you're looking at. If you want it to apply to all selected images, you'll have to be in grid view. That is to protect you against doing something to a whole bunch of images by mistake, because you didn't realise you had many images selected.  

When you hit 'Save' in the Develop module, the metadata of only that one image are saved to XMP. However, when 'Auto Sync' is selected, the metadata of all selected images are saved to XMP. I think that makes sense, and I think that you probably missed that little switch.

So yes, I do think that is consistent and logical...

Johan W. Elzenga,