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Thu, Feb 6, 2020 7:26 PM


Lightroom Classic: Copy Flag from Stack to HDR result when merging

This is very annoying and messes up my workflow. When creating HDR images from stacks, much of the metadata is copied over from the image on the top of the stack over to the new HDR image file. Rating, color label, keywords, etc are copied to the new HDR.dng but the flag info (flagged, unflagged rejected) is not.

I use ratings and flags to do my culling and I use colors to indicate where an image is in my editing workflow.

From searching on here it seems that flag data may not be in the XMP file and only that data is copied over to the new HDR. Since this is a lightroom to lightroom copy all lightroom related data including flags should get copied over. 

Losing the flag means it drops out of my filter and then it's a pain to find it.


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