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Sat, Mar 21, 2020 3:23 AM


Lightroom Classic: Consistent Multi-Monitor Window Arrangement

I was really excited to see the new multi-monitor options in the preferences dialog and am very happy that this area is being worked on by the Lightroom team. I just wanted to submit my experience as I think some things may be getting overlooked. This isn't a new problem (at least for me) but with the recent improvements it felt like a good time to raise it.

ANYWAYS - my issue is that I work with three monitors - my Macbook Pro monitor, a horizontal 4K external monitor, and then a vertical HD monitor. I keep browsers, music players, etc... open on the laptop screen. I have the main Lightroom window on the horizontal monitor, and a preview window open on the vertical monitor. A frequent occurrence, however, is that after either my laptop locks/sleeps, or I'm working in another application fullscreen (say a training video online) - when I switch back to lightroom often (but not always!) the windows are arranged completely differently, seemingly at random. Sometimes the main LR window will move to my laptop and the preview to the horizontal monitor. Sometimes, the preview window moves on top of the main LR window, and it can be really frustrating to get the preview window to close in order to access the references pane to move it elsewhere, as for whatever reason shift-E will just stop working during this window arrangement. Another thing that will happen is that I'll see that the main window has suddenly appeared on the laptop screen, I'll shift-F out of fullscreen mode to move the application, and when I shift-F out, it suddenly is back on the correct screen. Then I shift-F again and it moves back to the wrong screen! Then I have to do two more shift-Fs, drag the window a bit, and then it will shift-f back to the screen that it's already on. I'm a full-time event photographer and I spend A LOT of time in Lightroom, and I just have to say that this seemingly arbitrary monitor switching is incredibly, stupendously annoying.

If there's any more information I can provide please let me know. Also - to be clear - this does not happen when I'm actively using Lightroom, it's only after an unlock or after command-tabbing back to the application. I also should note that I am almost always in one of the shift-F fullscreen modes.

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