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Fri, Dec 28, 2018 10:18 PM

Lightroom Classic: Color Profile not applied with Preset

When creating presets with any color profile, except for Adobe Standard and Adobe Standard B&W, the color profile is not actually applied when applying the preset, even though it has changed in the color profile dropdown list. You can see the pending changes in the preview as you hover over the preset, but it doesn't actually render the changes. 

As an example, I took a test photo and the only thing I changed on it was the color profile to "Adobe Vivid". I then created a new preset and only checked the "Treatment & Profile" in the preset settings. Then I went to apply that preset to a new test photo. As I hovered over the preset I could see the pending changes to expect, but when I apply the preset and move my mouse away from the preset and over to the photo itself, the changes disappear; it doesn't actually apply the color profile, even though it shows Adobe Vivid as the new color profile.

If you hover over the preset that was just selected, you can see how it was supposed to look. Also, if I manually "re-select" that color profile from the dropdown, it will then apply it as expected.

A side note, the treatment applies as expected if I make a change to that for the preset.

I am using Lightroom Classic CC version 8.1 with Camera Raw version 11.1. I've recreated this with photos from a Nikon D4s and Nikon D200. 

Has anyone come across this issue?


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2 years ago

I have tried this test and found that the application of Adobe Vivid Profile as a Preset renders differently to applying the Profile. I'm using Nikon D750 NEF files.

I created two virtual copies of an image. I applied the Adobe Vivid Profile to the first copy. From this I created a preset with only "Treatment & Profile" checked. I then selected the second virtual copy and applied the newly created Preset. The preview while hovering over the preset looked as expected, but the rendering changed significantly when I moved the cursor off the preset. The two virtual copies look very different and have very different histograms.

I repeated this test using the Camera Vivid Profile. There was no difference between applying as a preset or applying as a profile.