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Mon, Aug 6, 2018 2:46 PM

Lightroom Classic CC Repeated unexpectedly shut down

Lightroom Classic CC unexpectedly shuts down with alarming frequency.  When I reopen LR my work (collections) are all missing.  I have had to use backup to regain my work Clearly that backup does not include work done just prior to shutdown. I send a report each time it happens.  I have spent time on the phone with Adobe.  I recently migrated all my files from one MacBook Pro to a new one. However, I'm grasping at straws looking for a reason for this problem.  The why really doesnt matter much, just fixing it!


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2 years ago

Try deleting your preferences. Could solve that problem.

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2 years ago

Did resetting preference help?
Does a Crash Reporter window appear after Lightroom Classic crashes?