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Mon, Nov 19, 2018 3:44 AM

Lightroom Classic CC renders image with differently-colored rectangles

A couple of updates ago, I noticed that Lightroom sometimes rendered previews with certain parts of the image as if they were missing the red/magenta color component. For example, I would apply a an edit, and the preview would display a rectangular portion of the image in a distinctly cyan shade.

At first, I dismissed it as a preview aberration. But now, I'm noticing that it's exporting the image that way too. Display is one thing, but saving it to disk with that aberration is anothing entirely, because it renders the software useless if I can't save a correct edited version.

I have uploaded a screenshot from the Windows app. Notice the blue rectangle in the lower center. Same thing occasionally happens when exporting.

Details: the problem is intermittent -- I know, a support/dev teams least favorite word :\ Windows 10, current LR Classic CC version, HP laptop, SSD drive. This started about 3 weeks ago, not sure what version that is. If you need any other info from me, send an email or post. Thx.

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