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Tue, Jan 29, 2019 9:28 PM

Lightroom Classic CC: People View — Can't Determine if Updating / Processing

Several photos have faces identified and no suggestions for who they may be. As I add more photos and additional keywords/People to the database, is Lightroom returning to these and re-evaluating those who were previously not given suggestions? 

How can I determine if it is processing or not?

I run a weekly social event in a bar and post pictures to Facebook routinely. It's been running for nearly 5 years. I use the People view to help me identify and track the Facebook names of people I am less familiar with. If I learn the name of someone new, it would be great to then have it search the database and see if they have been there previously.

I currently cannot tell what People view actually does or doesn't do as it's a bit of a black box in terms of when it runs, if it reruns, and when suggestions are updated. There is no way to prompt the system to "re-review" images that I know of that does not remove all the existing tags.  That is somewhat frustrating.



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