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Tue, Jan 16, 2018 8:15 AM


Lightroom Classic CC is not sorting correctly by creation date

Since Lightroom Classic CC came out I‘m no longer able to let LR sort my images by capture date and time. As I often first import the pics of my main camera and later the iPhone pics that were shot in the same period of time they are no longer in the correct order when sorted by creation date/time. Is this a known bug?

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3 years ago

Not a bug and it works fine "IF" you have the Date and Time set correctly on the camera.
Your phone will always update the time to whatever time zone you are in. The camera will not.

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3 years ago

Afraid I have to disagree with Just Shot Me.  There are definitely some bugs & inconsistencies with Lr's date/time handling.

This post is probably what you're running into -

It's a pain to remember, but the easy workaround is to select your images and click Metadata --> Edit Capture Time --> Change All.