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Wed, Nov 15, 2017 7:16 PM


Lightroom Classic CC Develop module Noise Problem

When viewing an image in Develop Module it does not show any noise reduction you have done, in fact it seems to add noise. If viewed in library, then it shows, it’s correct, as does the export. In 1:1 you also see the noise reduction. Also, if viewing in Develop Module and you move a slider, for a split second it shows the correct image with noise reduction.

If you turn off the GPU then it acts as it should. I had a chat with Adobe and he saw the problem, but was at a loss. Then he said it was a driver issue. I am running a 5k 2017 iMac with Radeon 575, and also replicated the problem on two MacBook Pros. I called Apple, and they confirmed all drivers are up to date. The Adobe guy disappeared.

I am convinced this is an Adobe issue, as up until the updates a couple of weeks ago everything was smooth.

Just need clarification from Adobe that they are aware of the problem, but I have seen other users on other forums with the same issue, and the same response from Adobe support.

When editing higher ISO images with night skies or blacks it is critical to see the image as is in Develop Module.

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3 years ago

Could you post a sample raw file with the adjustments (Either sidecar or as a DNG) along with screenshots of what you're seeing on your end?

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