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Fri, Nov 23, 2018 10:32 PM


Lightroom Classic CC: Better Masking tools

Lightroom engineers need to look at ON! RAW 2019 masking capabilities. Why can't we have this in Lightroom Classic. I am sure you have the technology. Adobe should be the absolute market leaders with this program instead of introducing partial improvements. Masking and colour adjustment when masking with access to HSL panel. There are so many improvements that can be made to this program. Need to look at Capture one and ON1 2019. I'm not changing yet but Adobe need to get there arse into gear and give some us some innovation. This is a great program and have used from day 1, but other programs will pass you by. You guys need to be the leaders with everyone trying to catch you but i don't feel this is the case.


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2 years ago

I know these other companies can be more nimble and come out quickly with interesting new features in part because they don't have to make sure they play well with others, or play with them at all. They don't have to coordinate between a large number of other apps, the way Adobe has to or we all scream. They don't have to let anyone plug in to their software, and most don't.  Affinity, which does, does it rather badly.  They don't let anyone add their own panels to the software, and then have to worry about breaking the function of those panels. IOW, they exist in a much tidier bubble than Adobe does with all the developers invested in Adobe and customers depending upon those developers AND Adobe.

And knowing all that, I still find myself nodding with you. We don't get to know what management is thinking about, but even the greater complexity that comes with being so big and so intertwined with a lot of other apps, big and small, doesn't mean their hands are tied and they simply are too big to compete. At least, I hope not. On1 Raw's workflow has certainly gotten interesting with their latest release.  I would love to see LR/CR get equally interesting.  '-}

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2 years ago

It would be very nice if Adobe were a bit more forthcoming regarding the next set of features that are being worked on, rather than just springing them on users with the next release. Competitors like ON1 are aggressively marketing to Lr users by actively promoting new features they are working on for their next release. Lr was a great innovation for the world of digital RAW photography when it was first released and Adobe continues to innovate, albeit a bit more slowly that some of its competitors. This forum has been the source of many fantastic ideas, of which, most have been passed over by Adobe. It's understandable that not all ideas and suggestions can be implemented, but there remain some very good nd worthy ideas that would make Lr the clear leader that it should be.

I've tried ON1 2019 in a very basic test and I'll be staying with Lr Classic.

Here is a RAW image from my Nikon D750 processed in Lr Classic 8.0 - Camera Standard profile, lens profile, remove chromatic aberration, auto tone.

The same RAW image processed with ON1 2019 - Camera Standard profile, lens profile, auto tone.

I'll leave it to you to be the judge.

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2 years ago

You can easily make adjustments so the subject processes correctly on the first try.

I agree with the O.P. Adobe is only interested in how little they can do while reaping the most reward. The CC subscription is nothing more than continual Beta versions. The should at least produce one version a year which is as bug free as possible. Allow the customers to pick if they want the next version (beta.) Don't force it on us.