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Wed, Jan 8, 2020 1:25 AM

Lightroom Classic: Can't update - Updates have been disabled for this computer. Contact your administrator."

As I try to update, the following message appears: "Updates have been disabled for this computer. Contact your administrator." How can I solve this problem?
(I am Brazilian and I am not fluent in the English language)


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a year ago

That's a new one for me but I suggest you log OUT of your CC account and log back in; any difference? 

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a year ago

Is this computer yours or does it belong to your employer?

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actually the license holder of the Adobe account matters more than who owns the computer with corporate licenses.  That was my first thought.  A Company license for x seats and they've all been used up.



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If your computer is owned by your employer, they might have a policy to enforce when your computer can receive software update. Talk to your enterprise's administrator for details.

If you think this situation does not apply to you, see

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