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Sun, Sep 8, 2019 8:38 PM

Lightroom Classic: Book Module - Photo text and page text

I have "photo text" (text below the photos) on 60 something pages in a book I've started.  It's been recommended that I move that text to an adjacent blank page where it will become "page text".   I was able to do a couple by brute force selecting and deleting from the photo page and then pasting on the blank page.  BUT I'm having trouble selecting on a number of pages, and wonder
1)  Is it possible somehow to move all this photo text to the adjacent blank page in one fell elegant sweep???   I know I can select photo text from the edit menu.   Could possibly  then delete it?   Much of it is the title from the LR metadata, but not all.   Many I've written in extra stuff.  
2)  OR  is it possible to tell LR to put titles from the metadata into the adjacent blank pages as page text?   I suppose not as how does the page know what it's next to.
3)  Any suggestions?


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