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Sun, Dec 16, 2018 2:57 PM

Lightroom Classic: Book Module: Cannot build a book properly and export it to PDF or send it to print at Blurb

Bonjour, depuis que je passé en version classic CC

il m'est impossible de construire un livre correctement et de l'exporter en PDF ou de l'envoyer imprimer chez Blurb.

Il suffit d'un aller-retour de livre <-> bibliothèque ou développement pour que : soit des pages disparaissent, soit la page de 3 et 4 eme de couverture disparaisse.

Soit les images changent dans les pages. Parfois la même image se promène dans plusieurs page du livre.

Ce bug est-il connu ?

Quelqu'un aurait-il la marche à suivre pour que cela disparaisse ?

merci de votre aide

Translation: Hello, since I switched to classic CC

I can not build a book properly and export it to PDF or send it to print at Blurb.

Just a round-trip book <-> library or development so that: either pages disappear, or the page 3 and 4 th cover disappears.

Either the images change in the pages. Sometimes the same image walks in several pages of the book.

Is this bug known?

Does anyone have a way to make it disappear?

Thank you for your help


Merci de votre aide


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3 y ago

One idea I have: Recommend that you determine that the images are connected to their source files.  Go to Library and look for any "!" marks in the upper right corner on the images. If you see any, click on it and reconnect the preview image to its source. This may account for the problems you are having.

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3 y ago

Another idea-
Please update Lightroom Classic to v8.1
v8.0 did have many random bugs in the Book Module

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3 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom Classic 8.1: Unable to upload book to Blurb.

Running PS LR Classic CC version 8.1, I was unable to upload a book to Blurb. The upload proceeds about two-thirds of the way, and then stops; repeated uploads produce the same behavior. An older version of the same book had worked fine a few months ago.  I read an entry on the forum suggesting that downgrading to LR 7.3 had solved the problem. Seeing 7.5 was the next one down available for me, I tried that, and it did not work.  So I went on down to 7.3, and the book uploaded correctly.  What do I do now?  I don't want to stay back leveled, but I want/need to be able to upload books to Blurb directly from Lightroom.  I have also seen suggestions to export to PDF and upload to Blurb, but this is also merely a temporary workaround. It looks to me like a significant flaw which needs to be fixed, unless someone can pinpoint problems in my book or my configuration which are causing this.  It also appears that multiple people on this forum are having the same or similar problems with v8.
Thank you.

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3 y ago

Hi @Giles,

Which version are you using?
Is it reproducible with 8.1?