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Fri, Mar 20, 2020 5:33 PM


Lightroom Classic: Backup Preferences should be in the Preferences and not just buried in some exit dialog

Since I started helping Lightroom Users, there have been too many occasions where the user had difficulty getting the backup location to "stick" or to be changed to an external drive where it logically should be. 
In addition to the exit dialog, there should be an option in Catalog Settings or Preferences to set the default location for backup of the Lightroom Classic catalog. 
If an external drive designated for Lightroom Backup is not present on exit, Lightroom Classic should pop up an error message and wait for the user to correct the problem before continuing or reverting to a backup folder in the Lightroom folder where it is least useful.  


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10 months ago

I backup the catalog into the same location as the catalog and use separate backup software to maintain multiple backups of everything. As a Windows user, I use "Second Copy" but Apple users have TimeMachine. 

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10 months ago

This change would eliminate one of the frustrations I have when I set up a test catalog and forget how to set the backup location.