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Sun, May 10, 2020 6:03 PM

Lightroom Classic: Asked to upgrade my catalog, upgraded and all recent photos from Nov 2019+ are gone

I opened up my Lr classic this morning. Box popped up to upgrade my catalog. I hit upgrade. When Lightroom opened, the most recent photos it shows is from Nov 2019. All of my photos I have edited since Nov 2019 until now are not in the catalog. I have done backups regularly since nov 2019. 

I have not done anything else for fear of screwing it up further. Please looking for advice on what I should do next.  

EDIT: I opened Lightroom catalog-2 and all my photos are there. Is it okay I just continue to use this non-upgraded catalog???? The upgraded version it created was Lightroom Catalog-3. Sorry I'm not very knowledgeable on how Lr catalogs work.


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1 y ago

Yes, use the -2 catalog. You didn't tell the whole story, the "upgrade request" only happens when you upgrade the software (in a major upgrade). Did you do that, right before it asked to upgrade?

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1 y ago

Some more info. The Catalog you are using is stated in the window-titlebar. You can configure Lightroom (Settings) to always open a specific Catalog.