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Wed, Dec 27, 2017 1:49 PM


Lightroom Classic: Apply watermark in Develop Module

In Lightroom I have the option to create a watermark preset, in develop mode please could we have these presets available on the preset section so that we can apply the watermark directly to the image and not just (only) via export. I'm keen to use the online collection option and to share albums on the web, but i have limited security to stop right click copy, but a watermark would be ideal if I could do this during the develop mode


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3 y ago

I ABSOLUTLY agree - but it cannot be (Should not, I geuss) be an "editing", but an overly-kind option in the "share publicly" WEB/interface -that BTW needs to be much more inthuitive ( I NEVER get it quite right each time. For instance "publish only/Filter" seems unexplicably not available across all the options of publishing...)

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3 y ago

This is an exceptional idea!  Thanks for it and I do hope Adobe puts it in practice.  A great time saver and it keeps 'export' out of the process.

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3 y ago

A temporary solution might be to create a Slideshow with watermark and save as a PDF or video and share that on the web?

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3 y ago

Trying to rethink the modules is like buying a Porsche then customizing it with truck tires, low rider suspension and a extra watermark in the trunk.

The point of export is to get it out of develop mode and onto the web

Export might be renamed publish module but they have those options to the left and really some mean Real Publishing (like Adobe Stock) where you can get paid
Or Facebook where you are not publishing but really posting and sharing and that is why I dislike the mos use of language in the software.

Collections always confused me before

But now I know why they are called collections

I do a lot of batch editing and picture packages with exact designs to go to print and then to go to jpeg which I later import on my own into a WordPress site.

My point is everyone’s workflow is different

But I say Keep it simple and go with the flow!

Read and watch tutorials

Like this genius offered you a pdf workflow through slideshow that is thinking outside the box

But my other point is that If watermark feature is a preset then you add it in develop (which is visual too, I see your point)

But what then happens is in order to do that little tweak they must take it out of export altogether ....


Think of all the training and books already printed and written in magazines coaching lightroom workflow to understand you export to create a collection to re-import.

Does this make sense?

It’s like sampling in music you can re-sample and add layers

Lightroom is supposedly for a workflow system to be quick and capable of any professional job

Plugins on earlier versions always fixed the tweaks people wanted but doesn’t force Adobe to totally throw a wrench into the system.

If I was working in Batch and somehow forgot I had placed watermarks in Develop module, then export module with a regular preset watermark ....I end up with double watermarks

If you want graffiti on your work fine.

But keep the workflow moving from module to module.

Imagine if after they fixed your tweak

Hey some other guy would say “I think it’s a better idea to add watermarks on import because I want to start the branding process from the very beginning...

Well now you then have the possibility for three different watermark buttons switches or drop down menus to remind yourself or other workers which password or preset... is the right one in which module?

And why am I doing this again?

Develop goes back to the real darkroom

You didn’t do desktop publishing in a darkroom

You focused 100% on the development or timing of the image.

Once digital printing and the web and social media

Sharing and Exporting became meaning something very different than what they had meant before. Export meant customs and international trade

Sharing was something we taught our kids but didn’t do as adults.

So really the focus needs to be upon the words of the modules and what they mean. Export should mean ‘copyright protection enforcement

Sharing is for clients but only after you realize that it is not publishing

Publishing and Copyright are all legal terms for the protection of our work. But develop and sharing

And slideshow sharing

Should be mostly used for non paid or free domain pr campaigns

Or a hybrid way to sell a wedding client a slideshow with watermarks or branding already exported because it is a product going out to be sold licenses bought or rented and money to be made.

Most people who do not use export import

Are Collection scrapbooking and developing presets artists like coloring books or quilting. But develop doesn’t have to do with money.
Watermarks do. And they belong in the Export module. Not the Develop module.

But that said? Buy or get a free plugin or preset that will allow you to add text watermarks but really are we not using tiny images if we are serious about our branding ? And not having to use text watermarks as a end all be all solution? I always thought that watermarks degrade your work so if you do not trust your clients and think that all millennial s are communist and want all things shared for free free free “because sharing is fun”

Don’t buy into that trick!!!!
It’s a lie wrapped up inside a conundrum! And a conspiracy against the entire creative rights institution.

I believe very soon there will be a technology that is embedded UV or IR mixed with pixel coding metadata that will be burned into an image or motion picture and detect what it is and who and where to contact for licensing and a tracking system that cannot be stripped because it is apart of the content like oil is to paintings ....they can try to fake an artist but in apps like TinEye locate any image on The web (but not in print and not in Russia or China.

Think of it like instead of asking Siri or Alexa “hey what song is playing?” And they find it for you?

You will be able to scan the image in a printed document and immediately get direct response to the creator or owner of the publishing rights to a photograph.

But this is in Development, ;-))))



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3 y ago

Is the need here specifically to add the watermark in the Develop module - or is the main aim to protect LR Web galleries? For example, if there was a way to set a preference in the web gallery itself to apply X watermark to all the photos in the selected gallery without applying to the files themselves, would that do the trick for you? Or a setting to apply the same watermark to all of your web galleries as a single preference?

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