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Mon, May 28, 2018 10:59 PM


Lightroom Classic AI-based Selection Tool for Local Adjustments

Can Adobe give us a selection tool in LR that is similar to the one in PS? Instead of using the brush tool to paint over an area - often taking more time, it would be great if LR could have a simple to use selection tool with some AI that knows we are, for example, selecting the window area or the area out the glass door for adjustments. I have been waiting for this selection tool which I think would be a very needed feature on LR. 

Thank you. 


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3 years ago

you can try to select with mask on; it tries to select areas that are similar to the starting areas. but it will not select everything within the region. For example in the window example you can click the glass and select the window but the interior frames might not get selected. ON1 has a nice feature where you click and it selects everything in the perimeter

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Adobe is unlikely to help us out here, their answer of course is to use Photoshop. That said, if they could simply turn the linear grad tool into a rectangular grad, that would be a quantum leap forward in terms of functionality. Did I suggest Adobe do something that's useful? I won't hold my breath.