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Sun, Nov 22, 2020 11:13 PM


Lightroom Classic: Add "Zoom cell size to fit photo" option to Book Module for aligning photos

LR Classic's Book Module offer an easy way to "zoom photo to cell size." This almost always changes the aspect ratio of the photo. I like to preserve the aspect ratio, but there is no easy way to adjust the cell size to perfectly fit the photo. I'd like to see Adobe add a menu item to "zoom cell size to fit edges of photo."

Why is this important? Since the alignment features of the Book Module align the edges of the cell, not the edge of the photo, it's a lot easier to use them if the cell size and the photo size are the same. It takes a lot of manual work to drag the cell size handles to fit the photo so that multiple photos can be aligned properly on a page using the alignment settings. This is especially tedious when the photos are different aspect ratios.

It would be even better if this was the default behavior.

Windows 10 Pro

Lightroom Classic


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