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Tue, Feb 4, 2020 9:24 PM


Lightroom Classic: Add export option for Original case on extension

In Lightroom Classic CC, in Export Settings, under File Naming, I would like to request that an additional option under Extensions be added. Currently you have Lowercase and Uppercase options. I would like an option for Original.

I work with a professional photo lab, and we would like to utilize Lightroom Classic as a viable alternative for batch image correction of our customer's orders. There are very few options on the market for labs, and Lightroom would be a strong contender if this change could be implemented. The only downside is that it is missing this one feature.

The issue is as follows:

Varying file types (jpegs, pngs, tiffs) are received by the lab. We have found that jpegs and pngs are coming in with varying cases (lower and upper), sometimes within a single order. Since our ordering system server (which sends images to the printer) requires the file type to match in its entirety from what was received originally, color correction of images through Lightroom Classic fails due to mis-matching of file case when getting to the printing stage via our ordering system server. (Additional understanding of our ordering system server may be required to fully understand the issue.)

If you need additional information to better understand my request, please let me know.


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1 y ago

An extension does not matter if it is upper case or lower case. Both Windows and MacOS, OS X, see it as the same extension. It makes No difference to how the file displays, how it is listed, the order it is listed in, in a File manger or in LR.
They are all still listed as JPG files