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Fri, Oct 19, 2012 6:02 AM


Lightroom Classic: Ability to hide sensitive photos

Lightroom: I am looking for an easy and safe way to hide sensitive / private images in the collection without depending on the existing filtering capability


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9 months ago

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In the main toolset, have a new flag called "Hidden" (in the "Picked / no flag/ rejected" section). 

In the settings have 2 toggles: 
- Default "Show All" view shows Hidden" photos: Yes / No 
- Password protect "Hidden" photos: Yes / No --> If yes, record a password which will be promoted to change to option 1 above and also when wanting to show photos marked as "Hidden". 

Very simple, this shouldn't take more than a couple of days to implement and test.
This will add value for hundreds of photographers. 

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Thank you for the information. I thought it could be easier. But it is ok. Thanks!

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9 months ago

I too am looking for a Hidden & Password protected images feature.  This becomes more important to me as I age, and I start to think about what will happen when I die.  I have a catalog of family images going back over 50 years that includes over 73,000 images, family pictures that my kids and grandkids will want when I'm gone, however the family images also include photographs from my ongoing relationship to my lovely wife, and when I'm gone the kids and certainly the grandkid will not want to see these images of Grandpa and Grandma, even when we were in our 20s and 30s.

I have copied all the questionable images to an external drive which I remove and keep in the safe... but lightroom still show previews of those images.

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3 months ago


I take boudoir photos from time to time and would like the ability to hide/password protect photos and albums. Is this possible? If not, can we make this happen? I can't be the only person who could benefit from this feature.


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