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Fri, Nov 16, 2018 4:19 AM


Lightroom Classic: Ability to edit images in Full Screen Mode

There needs to be the ability to edit images (ie. the Develop Module) while in Full Screen Mode.  When you press "F", all the sidebars and toolbars disappear and the image fills the screen.  This is what I want - a nice big image to view. 

Now give me "fly-in" toolbars and editing tools that appear in vertical menus over the image when I hover near the edge of the screen.  For horizontal images, the fly-ins would only cover the side edges of the image while in use.  For vertical images, they fly-ins wouldn't cover any of the image - they would be vertical menus anyway, and would just be off to the sides of the image.  

I should also be able to pin the edit tools so they remain up, and maybe slightly reduce the image size of horizontal images.  Again, for vertical images the fly-ins shouldn't need to cover any of the image anyway.

Currently the way it works, it's so frustrating that my image reduces to ALMOST HALF ITS SIZE on the screen as soon as I enter the Develop Module, because the toolbars are so darn thick.  It's especially bad on vertical images.


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2 y ago

Use a 2nd monitor In “Loupe-Normal” view to see the shot really large, (or full screen) with the Grid View on the main monitor, that’s how I do it. Just got an LG 27” 4K from Best Buy for $399, using the display port from my Areca RAID!

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2 y ago

You know you can close the left panel and filmstrip independently to have more horizontal space?
You can also squeeze in the right panel to its minimum for even more space.
You can also make the top bar disappear.

That should help unless you are on a real small screen... in that case see Carlos Cardona suggestion.