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Sun, Nov 17, 2019 9:52 PM


Lightroom Classic: Ability to click on Range Mask sliders to jump the setting

I've been trained by the LR interface that I can click on a mouse slider to jump the setting to the mouse click position... EXCEPT for Range Masks. I get it, there's two sliders there that set up a range.

Want: Do a quick calculation and make some simple assumptions. If I click on the slider bar near the right to Range Mask the highlights, say at 90, jump the left slider to that the range is set to 90-100.

Same with the range masking the shadows. If the defaults are set to 0 and 100 and I click somewhere like 10, jump the right slider down so the range is set to 0-10.

From there on out, any clicks made on the slider bar would apply to the closest slider.


If Range setting are 0 & 100 (initial conditions) & click on bar @ <50.
--> Set max range to click position

If Range setting are 0 & 100 (initial conditions) & click on bar @ >=50.
--> Set min range to click position

Else set min or max based on relative distance between click and min or max settings.


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a year ago

I support this simple, sensible and good idea that should be implemented without difficulty.