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Fri, Oct 26, 2018 4:50 PM


Lightroom Classic: A more robust Lightroom Classic sync

I have seen a few posts that maybe hit around this idea, but I don't think I've actually seen this added anywhere.

I would love to see Lightroom Classic have more robust, more serious syncing capability.

In particular, here are some key missing features:
  • ability to sync smart albums
  • ability to sync entire collection sets
  • maintaining folder structure when syncing
  • ability to sync all my photos (folders, hierarchy, everything)
A bit of context as to why I'm asking this: I transitioned to LR CC for a few months (completely, I was using LR CC as my source, though I maintained a backup of everything I was doing in my original LR Classic library as well, with sync turned off). I loved that I could do the majority of my photo work right on my iPad. This was great and allowed me to work on photos in small chunks and in places normally I wouldn't (instead I'd normally wait to get home or have a space I could clear out and setup my computer for a while to do work on them). Additionally, I loved that LR CC was lighter, and far easier to use. Classic is slow and cumbersome by comparison. Unfortunately, LR CC has some other limitations
  • It lacked reliability (lost all edits on a couple hundred of my photos)
  • I had concerns about the portability of my data (my organization of my photos was stuck in the proprietary LR format, rather than in folders, and there was no way to export JPEGs or TIFFs of all my edits in all my photos to the folder they were in, in the event I left Lightroom).
  • It was a bit of a pain compared to LR Classic to do certain tasks (like merging panoramas and HDR, exporting to SmugMug, batch editing or renaming files, etc.)
At this point, I'm back in Classic, and now I'm just waiting to see who can get the mobile workflow right first, without sacrificing the key workflows and concerns I have with protecting my photography.




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3 y ago

Many people have asked for more sync options, so it's better to find those thread(s) and add your vote than to start yet another one. Adobe has said however that Lightroom Classic won't get any new sync options, so it will probably be in vain.

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3 y ago

Agree that syncing collections and such would be great too. Just like keywords it is probably a big problem because Lightroom CC deals with collections (no smart collections, very limited hierarchy) very differently in the album thing it uses. 
As you already found, my main issue is not being able to sync full raw images from Lightroom (the real version): https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/lightroom-classic-should-be-able-to-sync-full...