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Tue, Mar 10, 2020 8:33 PM

Lightroom Classic 9.2 Slideshow lockups

When trying to export a slide show LR locks up after a few minutes.  I exported yesterday with no issues, only made some changes to the collection being used. Tried restarting, clearing cache, turning off gpu, no joy. Finally reinstalled current video driver (Nvidia Quatro RTX 4000) and export is running again.


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1 y ago

Welcome to the wonderful world of video drivers. On Windows I was running a HP 5K monitor that became unusable every couple of months due to the Nvidia video driver, Quadro K1200. I finally gave up and switched to 2 4K monitors with less color quality than the HP. I plan to buy a RTX 4000 and then try the HP again along with the 2 4K monitors. 
I finally started downloading the latest driver and saving it on my hard drive, keeping a history of about 8 drivers. Then when things went belly up:
  1. determine the current driver version (usually secretly installed by Apple or Microsoft)
  2. go to my folder of drivers and if there, add ".BAD" to the end of the file name
  3. install the previous driver 
  4. if that one is good, add ".good" before the extension 
Yeah it is a pain but the price we pay for wanting fast gaming cards. Nvidia and AMD (yes, AMD has the same problem) could stop developing a single driver for both the gaming and professional video cards. It's all these gaming performance updates that are the primary cause of these problems.