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Sun, Feb 16, 2020 7:41 PM

Lightroom Classic 9.2: Presets disappearing after update

I created a new preset in Lightroom CC 9.2 and I successfully saved it in User Presets. However, when I wanted to fine-tune it and "update with current settings", the preset disappeared from the list of user presets. I was able to find it using Windows Explorer and I discovered that XML file contains two lines with different UUID. It looks like Lightroom adds this whole block of at the end of the code: 

crs:Name="Default Color"


After deleting these lines and renaming the file and its name inside the XML, Lightroom was again able to see it. I tried restarting and even reinstalling Lightroom, but the problem persisted.

Did anybody encounter the same issue, or it's just my installation?





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1 y ago

Hi Ivan,

Could you please let me know what settings you used while creating a preset, and what settings you used while updating the preset?
Any idea if you saw this in older versions?
Could you please share the exact workflow?
Also just an extra information, if the setting "Show partially compatible preset" is not checked in the preference tab, there is a possibility that the preset may not be visible based on its compatibility with the image.


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1 y ago

Hi Arjun,

To answer two shorter questions:

1. "Show partially compatible preset" was checked
2. This was not happening in V 9.1. I actually reinstalled 9.1 until the problem is fixed.

Now the longer answer:

I cannot reproduce it now because I would have to reinstall V 9.2, but I can tell you that I was not using graduated or radial filters at all. I was using only these modules:

Tone Curve
Split Toning

This was the workflow:

I create a preset and save it under a new name
I change a couple of settings (it can be even just simple saturation adjustment in the basic module)
I right-click the preset and select "update with current settings"
And at that moment the preset disappears from the list 

I guess LR creates another UUID while updating the preset, and that makes the preset non-recognizable.