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Fri, Feb 21, 2020 12:46 AM

Lightroom Classic 9.2: Copy Settings Disables Lights Out

In LR 9.2 when Lights Out is active, using Copy Settings changes the state of Lights Out to be Lights On.

1. enable lights out in either Library or Develop (any dim mode)
2. Select an image
3. Use either the kbsc (ctrl-sh-c) or the Copy button to copy settings

result: Lights Out state changes

expected: Lights Out should not change

workaround: push L again


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1 y ago

Confirmed here on Windows 10. TBH I can't say I remember what should be the intended behaviour here. 



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1 y ago

I have verified on Lr 6.0 and on windows it is the same behavior(That after Copy Setting Lights Out mode don't stay). However, I have logged a tracking bug so that the team can investigate on the same.