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Thu, Jan 30, 2020 2:23 AM

Lightroom Classic 9.1: Language mess

I did a first install of Lr to a pretty fresh Win 7 (Eng).

All my stuff is set to English except my keyboard (Dutch, Flemish).

(1) When starting up Lr it was in Dutch while the Preference was set to English already...
This was easily fixed by switching languages back & forth. Or so it seemed...

(2) I still have parts that keep showing in Dutch. Some I could probably rename, some not?

Would it be fixed if I reinstall with an English keyboard setting, and then switch back to Dutch?
Any even easier methods?

Some mixed language examples ...


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2 y ago

Could you please check the language set in the Creative Cloud app by following the instructions?
If it's English, could you please uninstall and install Lightroom Classic?

Update: you should have the language that you need in the CC app. 




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2 y ago

I have seen this too. If you create a catalog while Lightroom is in Dutch, then the default smart collections remain in Dutch if you switch to English afterwards. You can simply rename them however. Just right-click on them.