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Tue, Nov 5, 2019 9:38 PM

Lightroom Classic 9.0:Some images load very slowly in develop module

In Lightroom Classic 9.0 loading of some (not all) images is very slow, 20-30s when entering develop mode.  This is not on every image, and I'm familiar with slow loading of images into the develop module, but never had it this slowly.

Some additional information:

The sequence of events is this:
  • Have an image in develop mode
  • Make an adjustment (crop in this case) by hitting 'r'
  • Hit 'r' again to get out of the crop tool
  • Hit right arrow to go to the next image
  • Wait 20-30 seconds for the next image to finish loading and become available to edit ("loading.." on the bottom of the screen)
  • The next image may load almost instantly however, or take another 20-30s
The images are loading from a remotely mounted network drive.
The images are large (36mp DNG or the same or larger PSD files).
The images are virtual copies of the original files in a separate collection.
Not all images have 1:1 previews created ahead of time.

Other than the upgrade to 9.0, nothing else has changed on the system (adding presets or plugins or what not), and while I have had slow loading from large files due to things like the above (network drive, preview creation, etc), it's never been this bad.




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2 y ago

Windows or Mac? Could you report your Lighroom>Help>System Info... please?

1. Are the images of the same type (from the same camera model)?
2. Does cropping needs to be involved to make it happen? Or any kind of adjustments?

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