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Sat, Nov 16, 2019 10:49 PM

Lightroom Classic 9.0: New Feature Multiple exports - file renaming messed up

LR Desktop 9.0 on Mac 10.14.5. Trying out multiple exports and I am finding that the file naming is messed up. I have 7 export dialogs that are identical except for the watermark. They all go into one folder. I have selected the files to be renamed to Title. The end result is that I am getting weird file renames that go something like this: TITLESharpeningNone-6a-FB New Not Posted Why LR.jpg (where the 6a...etc. is the name I gave that particular export). Where SharpeningNone comes from I have no idea.


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2 y ago

Hey Carol, if I'm understanding your description correctly, that behavior is by design.  If the presets you are choosing for your batch export will result in file name conflicts, Lr will append the name of the export preset to the files it creates.  

If you're getting something other than the preset name appended, I'd suggest posting some screenshots of your export settings, file naming settings, the image metadata panel, & the what the resulting file names look like in Finder.