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Mon, Aug 19, 2019 12:46 PM

Lightroom Classic 8.4: Unable to copy and paste metadata in some situations

I've got an image where it does not show some of the IPTC metadata and keywords in the copy metadata dialog.  It's been working with other images.  In this particular case:
  1. Imported a video
  2. Captured a frame
  3. Saved metadata
  4. Editted the metadata in Geosetter, and saved it again
  5. Re-imported the metadata back in to Lightroom.  My keywords and IPTC location data are correct, and match the output from exiftool
  6. Hit Cmd+Opt+Shift+C to copy the metadata (I want to paste it to the original video)
The "Copy Metadata" dialog isn't showing the keywords or the IPTC data, forcing me to copy it manually.

Here's a screenshot with LR 8.4 in the background, and a terminal running exiftool (piped to less) in the foreground:


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