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Mon, Oct 29, 2018 8:26 PM

Lightroom Classic 8.0: raf files mis-labeled as .dng

RAF files in LR folder.  Select Library - convert photo(s) to dng.  Do not check delete raw.  File converted to .dng.  Original file disappears from folder.  Can see file when select synchronize folder.  Choose file, add (only choice). File now added to folder but with file name .dng even though metadata confirms it is a raw file.  I don't think the original should disappear from the folder, and if I have to sync to get it back, it should have the correct file type listed.


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2 y ago


When I try to follow your steps on 2 RAF files,  I end up with 2 DNG and  2 RAF files in the folder. 
I see both images in Lightroom Classic CC. All four files end up in Lightroom. 

If I filter by file type in Grid View, I see 2 DNG and 2 raw files, 

I do see that File Name does show the RAF actually as a DNG. That looks like a bug so I will check with engineering. 

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