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Sun, Dec 23, 2018 7:30 PM

Lightroom Classic 8: Performance Improvements / Optimization on Mac - Quite a Boost

Lightroom performance was degrading on my machine for several months so with the help from posts on this site and others I made 3 changes that have significantly improved performance:

1) adjusted admin privileges on a few Adobe Folders (likely not of much help) and cleaned up some caches (likely the best bang).  Since the solution was imbedded in a long post I copied it to here:

2) Moved the LR Catalogue from HDD to SSD except for Previews.lrdata which would not fit on my SSD. The process to keep Previews.lrdata on a separate drive is described:

3) Reduced the size of the previews file and resolution of the previews used the Library Module:

So now I get sub second response time moving within the Library Module no beach balls and no Loading messages. 

Most of my images are >32MB and TIFFS are several GIG. 200k images in Catalogue.  Mac Pro 2013 3.5Ghz 6 Core Xeon, 64 Gig storage, 1 TB SSD, images on 60TB Thunderbolt 2 along with Previews.lrdata.


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