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Thu, Oct 11, 2018 7:54 AM

Lightroom Classic 7.5: Mac can't access presets if they are in a soft link directory

On Lightroom for Mac + MacOs 10.13, if your Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings/User Prests folder is a soft link, Lightroom can't access or create presets. I use this to sync my presets with other computers. My workaround is creating a soft link for each preset, but of course if I create new ones they wont be synced.

To reproduce:
Go to your Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings folder
delete or move User Presets folder
On terminal:
ln -s /SomeFolder User\ Presets

Reopen Lightroom and try to create a preset.

This used to work before XMP presets conversion




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2 years ago

You mean 'symbolic link', but that is true. For some reason symbolic links don't work with the Camera Raw folder. Both Lightroom and Camera Raw do not follow those links, even though Lightroom does follow them for the other preset folders.

Johan W. Elzenga,