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Sat, Apr 14, 2018 1:38 AM

Lightroom Classic: 7.3 Import Failure & Errors

Running LR 7.3 on Windows 10 (all updated and current).  For obtuse business reasons, I shot RAW + JPG.  Import is set to Copy As DNG. 

After importing I should have an = number of DNGs and JPGs. In this case, I'm shooting a Sony a6000 (which should be irrelevant, because it is an Adobe supported camera).

I just attempted to import 946 images. 
The result of the import was 258 DNG, 142 RAW & 473 JPG.  The numbers don't add up!

The issues:

1)  DNG+RAW = 400.  What happened to the other 73 RAW images?!

2)  Why weren't all the RAW images converted to DNG ?!

3)  How can I be confident that ALL the images were even imported and that 473 JPG is the correct number ?! 
(Yes, I know how to filter file types in Windows/DOS.  The point is that I shouldn't have to go down this road.  I'm trying to get billable time, not troubleshoot software.)

3a)  How can I be confident that ALL my images were in fact downloaded?! 

3b)  Now that I've lost confidence in LR 7.3 BASIC FUNCTIONALITY, what do I do - micro-manage and back-check every import?!

4) And most importantly, what is Adobe going to do to fix their buggy software releases?!


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3 years ago

Art Davis,
I assume you have the config file still in the Preset folder as I suggested before.
Does it make a difference if you select the card from the Files section, instead of the Devices section in the Import grid.


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3 years ago


Yes, the patch remains in place.  While that resolves one issue, clearly there are many more that need to be fixed. 

And, your question is an example of just how broken 7.3 is (pardon my poor grammar and attitude).

I have been using LR for years, and my cards HAVE ALWAYS been recognized and imported as a 'Device'. 

Why should I suddenly be forced to navigate through the 'Files' maze to find the files residing on the Device?  Which has and is predominately displayed at the TOP of the import panel as a Device.

I have spent several hours finding a work around to get my files where I can work with them.  I am not particularly pleased be asked to do troubleshooting for what should be world class software - and of course - without compensation.

And, I find that 7.3 has several other 'new' faults and errors that either crashes the program or that force me to close the program, and reboot my system.  Very, very frustrating.  

In the past, I have been an active proponent of Lightroom to friends and business associates- I can no longer do that - because I can no longer trust the program to operate reliably.  

Perhaps, Adobe should pull this software and re-release it when it works.  

Unhappy and extremely disappointed,
Art Davis