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Thu, Feb 8, 2018 11:28 AM

Lightroom Classic 7.1: Renaming collection while syncing breaks sync

I have found a bug in Lightroom Classic CC v7.1
I created a collection to be synched with Lightroom Mobile and added 64 images to the collection. While it was synching the collection, I realised I had mis-named the collection and renamed it. 5 images were synched to the wrongly named collection in Lightroom Mobile and 59 are now stuck in limbo. I've tried deleting the collection and recreating it, which then copies the 64 images to Lightroom Mobile but the 59 orphan images are still stuck. Any idea how I can get rid of them? It's just a little irritating


Dave Almond




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3 years ago

Hi Dave,

Ideally this should not happen, as all the images should still be synced in the renamed collection.
Are you seeing any 'All sync error' collection, in which all those 59 images are present ?
Could you please attach a screenshot or a small video clip of the behaviour you are facing ?

As a workaround you can remove those 59 images from the 'All synced photographs' collection, and add them back to the proper (renamed) collection from the 'All Photographs' master collection.
Ideally if you delete an image from "All Synced Photographs", it removes that image from being synced, but the image is still present in your catalog (All Photographs)