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Tue, Feb 13, 2018 6:19 PM


Lightroom Classic 7.1: Pick/reject flags hit both images in Compare and Survey view

A problem reported multiple times in the past has returned under v7.1 and was perpetuated into v7.2.  In Compare and Survey view, pick/reject flags hit both images, not the highlighted image.

I reported it 2 years ago (excerpt below).  Although sometimes it gets fixed, it keeps coming back.  It degrades workflow and creates a real risk of image loss.  I am reporting it again in hopes of it getting appropriate attention AND BETTER TESTING.  

Original post title:  Lightroom CC 2015.6: pick/reject flags hit both images in Compare and Survey view

"When two images are being Compared, or are displayed in Survey mode, a pick or reject flag entered for the selected image gets applied to the second image as well. I originally observed this problem 'way back with LR4, possibly earlier, and have reported it before (long ago). After being fixed, it appears to be reintroduced with a major or minor release. It considerably degrades the process of tagging images to be discarded or worked on, and creates a real risk of desired images being discarded. ...why this simple problem keeps coming back is baffling, especially because it's so easy to test."

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Lightroom: Pick/reject flags hit both images in Compare and Survey view


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3 years ago

Oh, it is extremely annoying -- especially in Compare view. One thing that happens all the time is that I select one image on screen 1 (in Grid view) while I have forgotten that screen 2 is in Compare view. I then look at the keyboard, and while I am looking for the "P" key, Lightroom silently selects a (arbitrary) second image -- because there must always be at least two images selected if either screen is compare view. I then hit the "P" key (or 3, etc), and both images are changed.

I didn't know that Lightroom ever worked any other way. I have just learned to try to remember to get out of Compare view ASAP so I don't make this error.



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