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Tue, Jun 5, 2018 9:03 PM

Not planned


Lightroom CC: Warn that keywords won't be synched with Lightroom Classic

Keywords modified in Lightroom CC do not sync back to Lightroom Classic. This is a known limitation, and there don't appear to be plans to resolve it.

That's disappointing. But what makes it especially frustrating is that the behavior is unexpected and thus reads like a bug. In my case, I spent an hour troubleshooting synchronization between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic before looking online, and discovering that it was "by design".

Given that, at minimum, it'd be nice to see a warning given when users attempt to add or modify keywords in Lightroom CC for photos that are synchronized with Lightroom Classic. That way, they don't make the mistake of updating their keywords in Lightroom CC in anticipation that they will be available later in Lightroom Classic. This could even be a one-time warning. 

The goal is to ensure that the user is notified of the limitation since it's not otherwise intuitive or expected.



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2 years ago

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.  I don't disagree that it's confusing to have Lightroom and Lightroom Classic sync with each other sort of, but not completely.  Having said that, using both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic together in an ongoing fashion is not a workflow that Adobe recommends.  And while the existing sync features in Lightroom Classic will continue to work, sync is not a focus for Lightroom Classic so it's unlikely additional sync features will be added.

While I understand that there are people who will use both together despite the recommendation not to, and will as a result occasionally get bit by things that don't sync, it's not really practical to add a warning for every case, as the list of things which don't sync between the two already extends well beyond just keywords, and is growing constantly.

I know this is not the answer you were looking for, but I'm replying anyway on the theory that an honest answer is better than silence.  :-)


P.S.  Want to know why it took me so dang long to reply?  We actually read and consider (and value!) all customer feedback and suggestions that come in via this forum, and it was only today that we finally decided, nope, we're not going to do this.

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If this sort of hybrid workflow isn’t recommended, then what is the recommended workflow for working on new files on a portable device (iPad/small laptop) then getting them back into Lightroom CC Classic on a workstation later? Lightroom CC is lacking so many features that I couldn’t use it for all my work, yet I don’t want to lug a workstation and decades worth of photos with me on every trip. I’m sure this isn’t a unique requirement.



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For RAW files you have an export ORIGINAL on Lr Mobile IOS although it doesn't seem to export the "original filename" or xmp and you can send this to the FILES app.  You could add XMP to this export and users could transfer the edits and keywords, ratings etc easily to a computer although manually.  I would really like this to be able to send a few files and xmp by email.  

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OK. I understand why you are not backward synching keywords from LRCC mobile to Classic, and I can live with that for now. But your recommendation against a workflow that involves LRCC mobile for field ingesting and checking of images and LR Classic for critical desktop work like full featured printing and soft proofing (ahem!) is really not acceptable. At least not until you get the key features that a pro requires and is used to in Classic into LRCC desktop (and ultimately mobile). You are leaving a lot of people hanging out there with that kind of recommendation.

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I agree with Thomas on this. Lightroom CC as it now stands would be great for 90% of my work - particularly solving the challenge of syncing mobile work back. Currently I can see a workflow where Lightroom cc is great for getting iPad, iPhone and laptop (import from camera, do review and edits) but then syncing back to the desktop for file-renaming, keywording). However this means that lightroom CC as a Classic replacement is juts not going to happen. CC needs decent keyboarding, import file naming and some for of making before I could ditch classic. I'd love to do that as I do like the CC interface etc. I think Adobe is being very short sighted here.

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2 years ago

Did this 'issue' ever get resolved? It seems mad to me that LR Classic and LR CC do not sync keywords?

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It is because Lightroom keywords are hierarchical which the new CC doesn't support. But I don't get why it wouldn't be able to sync a flattened keyword tree. 

Ultimately, Lightroom CC needs better keywording abilities. Sensei isn't reliable enough. If often tags cats as dogs and vice versa to give an example.

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Many thanks for your explanation, let’s hope Adobe sort this out!