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Mon, May 4, 2015 9:29 AM

Lightroom CC: Very slow performance unresponsive Radial Filter Mac Pro 2014

LR 6 CC is installed on 2014 Mac Pro 12 Core Dual AMD Fire Pro 700, 32 GB Ram 1TB SSD, Dual Apple HD 30 Displays

When I first open LR CC, all is ok, tools are fast , Radil Filter is fast, after a short time in Develop module, the program starts to slow

The Radial, and Clone tools become VERY unresponsive, as well as global adjustment tools also slow,

After 1hour when using the Develop Module, the radial filter become UNSTABLE, the filter was VERY unresponsvive,then it would cause the entire screen to go Black, no image displayed, then the radial filter disappeared, and was not on the image.

As far as I am concerned LR CC IS NOT useable, I am amazed at how this product has been released, I also run Perfect Photo Suite 8.5, and DXO Optics Pro 10, both are VERY fast and stable.



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6 y ago

Yes, after some time of using LR on a Mac it becomes unresponsive.

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6 y ago

Same here.
On my MacBook Pro it runs fast but ridiculously slow on MacPro.


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6 y ago

Also in the same boat. MacBook Pro with 8GB ram (so should be enough) and it is freezing up. Trying to do facial recognition and it is using 80% of CPU even though it has found all the faces and they just need naming.

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5 y ago

I'm running LR on late 2013 MacBook Pro with 8GB memory and OS X 10.11.2

When I first installed it, it ran fine. I had a catalog of 100+ images and develop module ran with no problems.

Now after about a week it is completely unusable. I tried creating a new, smaller catalog on a local drive and even with only 20 photos the develop module just freezes when I try to do anything.

I am reliant on LR for work so this is completely f**cked. I've tried every recommendation I can find so I'm just going to have to abandon this dogsh*t waste of space.

Unsurprising from Adobe who never cease to disappoint.



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You say it ran with no problems for a week, so what changed? Adobe didn't sneak into your computer and change the code of their program, so something else must have changed. Perhaps something else running in the background? A change in where you store the photos? Perhaps you've changed the Enable Graphics Processor setting in Prefs > Performance?

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