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Tue, Mar 6, 2018 5:40 PM

Lightroom CC: Suggestions for missing features/functionality


I have been testing the new Lightroom CC and while I really like its simplicity, it's missing some essential tools for any serious photographer. If those are added, I can see myself using it, they are:
  1. History Panel - How can any photographer work without this? Seriously?

  2. UNDO Function that is not GLOBAL - ie. CTRL+Z that works only within the selected photo and not across the whole library (as is standard in every other professional editing software, including Lightroom). Example: You edit a picture, then go to another one, do some edits, then go back to the first picture and what happens when you hit CTRL+Z there? It goes back to the second picture. This along with the missing History Pane makes Lightroom CC unusable for me.

  3. Delete Rejected Photos shortcut - why make us filter the rejected photos if the old Lightroom had a handy shortcut for that?

  4. Camera Calibration profiles! - This is an absolute MUST for Fuji x100F RAW shooters (or any Fuji shooter, actually)
I know Lightroom CC is still too young and that new features are being implemented, but those above are basic features. I am sure that all of us uses at least one of the things I mentioned here.

This is a shame because I am really into the Cloud side of it. Being able to have Full-Size originals on my phone is amazing. I don't want to pay extra for that, If CCs get updated with the above, I'll jump to it straight away.

Back to Lightroom Classic for me. Speaking of which, what is the best way to integrate the Lightroom CC catalog into my old Classic one?

Also, I know this is not a Lightroom CC issue as it also happens on Classic, but why not allow us to have users presets on the mobile App?? I know there is a workaround that but to have it natively would be orders of magnitudes better.





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3 years ago

"Back to Lightroom Classic for me. Speaking of which, what is the best way to integrate the Lightroom CC catalog into my old Classic one?"  If your  Lightroom CC catalog is already synced to the cloud, just logging in Lightroom Classic CC will cause all of the images to sync down (as originals) to your Lightroom Classic CC catalog.  There really isn't an easy way like there is going from Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC where it just imports the catalog. 

There are existing threads on many of the issues you raise here - including the preset question and you can add your votes to  those existing threads to increase their 'weight'~!