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Sat, Jan 13, 2018 10:23 AM


Lightroom CC / Lightroom Web: Publish - Password Support for Web Gallery

Despite Lightroom CCs Capacity to share Files sometimes is not praised over the Photographing Community it carries some good Capacity.
Actually im using either Zenfolio (paid) or Picdrop (free Version) to proof Photo Series, just because those Services offer a Password for each Gallery. 
Getting Selections back into Lightroom is somewhat of easy but could be more ease by using Lightrooms publishing Service the same Way.
Actually its just an open Gallery, available to everybody who knows the Link. For some certain Degrees of Photographic Work that won't be safe enough to handle.
Being able to set a Password and sending all necessary credentials right out of Lightroom would enable a Customer to proof safely and get selections back right into Lightroom. Having a Layer stating "Proof" or entering own Text would be great to have as well to protect the Property


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3 years ago

Thanks for your input, Frank!

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2 years ago

Totally agreed. Other platforms have password options and the ability for notifications.