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Mon, Apr 27, 2015 1:56 PM

Lightroom CC: faces / confirming person in multiple photos

When selecting multiple faces to confirm LR should only confirm guesses of this particular name I'm clicking the checkmark next to. Ex:

I have 100 photos of Ann, but 10 of them were incorrectly guessed as Mary. I don't notice that, because I skim through faces, not labels. I select all 100 and confirm on one photo of Ann that the face was guessed Ann.

Actual result: I confirmed 90 pictures of Ann and incorrectly labeled her in 10 photos as Mary.

Expected result: all of the 100 photos should be confirmed as Ann OR 90 of them should be confirmed as Ann and ambiguous 10 should be left unconfirmed.

This works as intended when you select all 100 and type manually in one of them "Ann" - then all of them are being labeled as "Ann" as they should.




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6 y ago

I believe this is expected behavior, so that you can confirm a whole bunch of faces in one go, even if they're different people. If you want to set them to the same name, you need to type the name.

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5 y ago

My lightroom thinks most people are the same person, including men, women, babies, dogs, walls. What a waste of time. I have at 10k+ faces from event photography.

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4 y ago

I've mentioned this in a different post in a slightly different fashion. Each stack should only contain images recognized as a single person. As soon as the recognition engine changes its mind about a photo and identifies it as another person it should immediately drop out of the stack.