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Tue, Sep 20, 2016 7:47 PM

Lightroom CC: Does anyone else find "C"ompare broken?

Compare mode in LR6/CC behaves unexpectedly.

For example, if I try to deselect one of the last two images in a compare set, it adds back in another random image. Similarly, if you have two images up for compare and delete one, LR has a fit.

In LR5 and before, in compare mode I could keep using Compare and deselecting images that I didn't like until I had one (or sometimes none!) left.

If a change in LR6 was made to always enforce at least 1, image to be present (or two), please unfix that. The side effects of that "enforcement" are terrible and unwanted.




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4 years ago

LR has had this always-two-for-Compare functionality for a while, now, probably since 6.0, and Adobe must have had a good reason to change it to act less optimally for humans.  I'd guess there were places in the code that would app-error if there weren't two images selected and instead of going through and making sure all of those worked, they just made sure 2 images were always selected in Compare mode.  Either that or the UI design was modified by people who don't actually use LR so cannot see why choosing a random image from somewhere just so there's 2 would be a problem.