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Sat, Feb 10, 2018 1:13 PM

Lightroom CC Classic - Sorting 'By Capture Time' splitting the import into two stacks (.NEF & .ARW)

I have a set of photos I imported from a location shoot. These are photos taken from 2 different cameras, therefore they have .ARW and .NEF extensions. My intention is to mix those photos and sort all of them by Capture Time, so that I have photos from both cameras sorted by capture time independently of their camera model.

What happens currently is Lightroom sorts all photos into a selection that is prioritizing the extension - so I have one series of ARW images sorted by capture time and then the second (NEF) sorted by capture time. Is there a way of sorting by capture time independently of a camera model?




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3 years ago

What sort order have you specified in the Toolbar below the Grid? "Capture Time" should obviously be the one you want to use, but even that will be dependent on both cameras having their clocks aligned.

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3 years ago

Set the "Sort:" to "Capture Time".
If that is what you have selected then the cameras time settings aren't set the same. Making images from one camera show before the other camera.

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3 years ago

If one camera has the wrong time (and therefore sorting by Capture Time would not help) watch this video. He explains exactly how to sync two or more cameras with different clock settings.

I hope that helps, cheers.