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Sat, Jun 29, 2019 9:31 AM

Lightroom: Can I locate missing LR Classic photos from within CC's locally stored files? (ie: share one local original source)

Basically what I am wondering if it is possible to do is to rename the folder for photos I use in Lightroom Classic, so it breaks the link and to "find" the missing photos in Lightroom Classic's folder structure.

So that I can store all raw files locally for both CC and Classic on my main computer, and only have them stored once, not doubled up.

Is there any issue with this and syncing to the cloud? Classic would store editing info files in the same folder etc.




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2 years ago

The short answer is "don't do it". There's far too much potential for disaster.

If you want to use both Cloudy and Classic on the same computer, set Cloudy's local storage space to 0% to minimize its local storage requirements and keep your local copy via Classic.

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